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Showerheads – why do so many hotels mount them at 5’6′? What are they thinking?

Two of the best pieces of advice I received from other guitar players:

1. When the fingers don’t glide over the strings because it is too humid or the hand is too dry….grab some oil from the forehead….I swear it works!! And it’s better than the olive oil some traditional players use (and some keep in a sponge glued on the guitar)…the olive oil is too heavy and deadens the strings too quickly….

2. Use acrylic for the right hand’s nails and top off with Crazy Glue for a smooth, strong and clean finish…..when I was using just Crazy Glue with baking soda it looked as if a fungus was growing on my nails!!!

The show at the Backyard in Austin was great fun and the audience was wonderful, but it was sad to find out that the company that runs the Backyard is planning to cut down a bunch of trees and turn the 2,000 seat venue into an 8,000 seat venue. I can’t imagine I would want to play there anymore……Good bye, Backyard, it was fun while it lasted…..


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