Four Points

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1) I heard somewhere that the reason the British, and also the people in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan drive on the left side of the road is that the Roman army used to march on the left side… it obviously left a deep impression on the English that the invading army walked on the left. The Roman army marched on the left side for the same reason a man is supposed to walk to the left of a woman: the sword is usually worn on the left side and is drawn with the right hand and it thus is faster and easier to defend something that is to the right of the man, whether it be a woman or a street…

2) Most toilets in Australia appear to have two flush-modes. A half flush and a full flush, indicated by two seperate buttons. Seems very smart to me. Does that exist in the USA? Have I overlooked that?

3) Heard on the radio in a taxi this Morning that the Premier of Victoria has been sued numerous times, because of remarks he has made while in office, and was fined 7 times… fines that had to be footed by the tax-payers every time…

4) Our Aussie tour manager took me around Albert Park in Melbourne the other day, because I wanted to see the Formula One race course… amazing, to imagine cars reaching speeds of 200mph on those roads…


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