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I can’t tell you how much enjoyment I have found in drawing lately. I must have finished about 100 drawings with pencil on white paper in the last couple of months. Like playing the guitar, there is a physical element to drawing that I like. It FEELS good. Especially after spending weeks mixing music on a fully automated mixing console, which is of course computer based… and fosters linear working: i.e. first program the mutes, then program the EQs, then create a stationary mix, then program the fader moves etc…
A couple of years ago I set up a computer to do art projects. I loaded software like Fractal Painter, Illustrator and Photoshop and thought I would create a lot…and – I didn’t use it very much. I didn’t enjoy staring at a monitor for that many hours… and, I can’t take it outside like I can my sketchbook and pencil…


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