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From 9:00am until 10:15am this Morning I conducted 5 phone-interviews with Greek journalists. The magazines ranged from Mainstream, to Music, to Fashion. I think they all liked the new album ‘INNAMORARE’ a lot. But, maybe that was a Trojan horse and they’ll write what a jerk I am. I came up with a couple of good thoughts and said a bunch of stupid shit. It would be so nice to conduct these interviews via email, when one doesn’t have to think on the spot. Maybe, if this new album gets huge, I can become the reclusive artiste, who doesn’t want to talk to the Press and only conducts interviews via the Internet. Or, maybe, I should rather just accept that doing live-interviews always brings about a few gem-thoughts and a lot of trash-thought.

I listened to ‘Neroli’ by Brian Eno this Morning and thought that it reminds me of the Clarity, Texture and Light of the Architecture and Paintings I mentioned yesterday. Ah, but how to create this with acoustic instruments? With an orchestra maybe… the players sitting all around the theater, some on stage, some in the aisles, some in the walk-way in back of the audience… how to notate this music though, absent of a strong rhythm and with the players sitting so far apart…

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the blank mind-canvas of music… so many possibilities… where to start…


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