Flying with a Guitar

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Today work will start at 8am and last until after 10pm. Then I hope to be in Montreal around midnight, to join the band and crew, in a restaurant on St.Laurent.

At 9AM we tape an interview and a solo guitar performance at CANADA AM.
At 11AM we tape an interview, and I perform a couple of songs from the new album, for REAL LIFE, a new TV show with Erica Ehm. Erica is a wonderful and smart interviewer. I read her book of interviews with women, and am very impressed with her ability to talk to people. The art of conversation.
At 12:30pm I have an interview with CFRB radio. Afterwards I meet a reporter from CP (Canadian wire service, similar to AP), and we have a nice conversation over lunch.
At 3pm we arrive at another TV studio to tape an interview and a performance for the Dini Petty show.
At 5pm we are back downtown for an interview at Bravo, the Canadian cable channel that has so many wonderful music shows. After dinner at a wonderful restaurant called Prego – nice Barolo de Montalcino! – we arrive at the Pamela Wallin show for an hour long interview and performance of three pieces. Pamela Wallin is another person who creates a conversation, instead of the typical question and answer session. Her office is well informed and surprises me, having used our web site to obtain information about me not usually found in the official bio.

At 10:40pm I arrive at the terminal for my 11pm flight to Montreal. The officer at the metal detector refuses to let me pass with my guitar in a hard case, unless I produce a written note from the airline. I try to tell him that I have flown all over the world with this guitar case, and that I have in fact flown into and out of Toronto with this case before, but he won’t budge at all. It’s back to the counter, back in line, waiting…. Finally the airline person behind the counter checks my ticket and walks with me to the security check to intervene and get me on the plane. I relax in my seat at 11pm, just moments before the flight leaves for Montreal.


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