Mexico City

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16:00 arrive at Mexico City airport and go to hotel
18:00 pick up at Hotel to Sony Mexico
18:30 Press Conference Sony Music Auditorium
19:40 Multivision Cable Network/TV
20:00 Cultural Channel 22/TV
20:20 Cultural Channel 11 – “Hoy En La Cultura”/TV
21:00 back to the Hotel

the interviews took until almost 9PM and afterwards we went to the “House of Rice” for dinner… every kind of rice dish imaginable… quite interesting… i also met Jorge Reyes, who will open our show on Friday evening at the Metropolitan Theater, and got along well with him… he is a great artist and a very kind man and i am looking forward to doing some work with him…

press conference #1

press conference #2

press conference #3

T.V. Interview

conference table


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