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We will call you and make the connections to the journalists.
Here are the confirmed times:

11:00 – El Financiero – Oscar Sarquiz
11:25 – Reforma – Hugo Lozano
11:50 – Economista – Rene Franco
12:15 – La Jornada – Arturo Garcia
12:35 – El Universal – Philipe Morales

blue skies above Santa Fe… i went to my acupuncturist this morning and was told i need to rest… 2 much work, 2 much stress… then i came home 2 do all of the above interviews…

i answered lots of questions about Paco DeLucia, and about Al DiMeola, about the traditions of Flamenco… one journalist said he didn’t understand why people would come to a concert where there is no
movement on the stage, just a bunch of guys sitting around and making music… i told him that all of the movement was internal… instead of concentrating on dance-steps we are able to improvise together, are able to create on stage and react to each other, to the space, and of course to the audience… he really wanted to see a theatrical show and damn the music… Bondo, where is that fake blood, and we need a 12×12 replica of stonehenge, maybe some animals, a contortionist, video projection of disaster movies etc….


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