Santana Tour Report #27

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Houston: it’s raining when i leave the bus @ 8am looking for this venue’s catering and coffee… but the coffee is terrible and i choose Twining’s Earl Grey tea instead… i hear that last night’s show in San Antonio was almost shut down… 5 policemen and a couple of councilmen threatened Santana’s soundman Bruce to turn down the music or have the concert shut down…

hm, 5 cops against 5,000 fans, many of which had visited the Beer tents frequently … in fact, there were lots of guys wearing yellow t-shirts that said “BEER” who delivered beer to all the fans in the stands… that would have been a very realistic fight!!… but, in the end, the sound was turned down and then one angry member of the audience, unhappy with the lack of volume, poured a whole big-gulp of beer into Santana’s mixing console… as a result the drums went silent until they were patched into our mixing board a few minutes later…

hm, the politics of Rock + Roll… seems to me that politicians should stay out of the concerts once they have been approved… we all know that Rock + Roll is loud… if you don’t want the concert, don’t rent the venue to a promoter for a rock band… but don’t allow the concert and then threaten the soundman and almost incite a riot… pretty dumb if ya ask me…

so – it rains all day in Houston, and the humidity is unbelievably high, but we play well, especially considering that the fingers stick to the strings in this humidity and drumsticks somehow want to fly away… one of Carl’s sticks accidentaly flies high into the air and comes straight back down into his hand…


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