Santana Tour Report #24

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San Antonio: We arrive around 10AM at the Radison hotel… off again, no show tonight… reading by the swimming pool… thinking… rambling/ranting: you can look at a brain and observe it, but you must talk to a mind and interpret it: you can understand the EVOLUTION of a guitar solo by transcribing the solo and looking at it, analyzing it, determining the rythm of the phrases, determining the scales, the intervals, and comparing it to other solos in history etc… but in order to catch the SPIRIT of the solo you have to listen, you have to feel, you have to interpret the world painted by the melody… you have to STOP analyzing, you have to stop the empirical gaze, shut your eyes and listen… you have to feel instead of thinking… however both appproaches are important to advance one’s understanding of music and of the WORLD… our world is not just EVOLUTION, observation, and the genes you were given at birth, it is equally SPIRIT, interpretation, and growing/learning… society is NOT people governed by laws, simply together… what I mean is this: you can have thousands of rules and laws, but in the end it’s not the rules that keep us from harming one another – we all break one rule or another every week… or in other words: I will treat you fairly, not because i will be punished if i don’t, but because I WANT TO… i will help you, not because i must, but because i want to… the evolution of the guitar solo, its transcription, is the laws and rules that govern society – sbjective and logical… and the interpretation, the spirit of the guitar solo is the morality of society – personal and transpersonal.


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