Santana Tour Report #11

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The Greek Theater in Los Angeles: what a wonderful venue… great sound… we had quite a few people dancing during our brief show… AND so many people seem to want to dance to our music that we are putting a nine-piece RHUMBA BAND together for next year: 3 guitarists, 3 drummers, bass and small horn section… it’ll be loads of fun… 2 1/2 hours of nothing but the RRRhumbas from my 8 CDs…

anyway, the Santana audience was fantastic and we had a great time… also, today we had some great cappuccini at last, made by Gino at Alto Palato, easily the best coffee in Los Angeles!! what an uplift after the horrible Java in San Diego… three or four bands are staying at the Riothouse on Sunset (the Hyatt) today… we ran into our friend Eric Schermerhorn, who is across the street at the House of Blues, playing guitar with “They Might be Giants”… Carl and i know Eric from our time in Boston, 11 years ago, and Carl’s band opened for Bowie’s Tin Machine, in which Eric played guitar as well…

after the show some of us went to see Fishbone, others went to a club … i went to Greenblatt’s, bought a couple of bottles of red wine, and went back to my hotel room and chilled… the mere thought of lots of people and loud music was too much for me…


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