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i performed on a tv fundraiser 4 a children’s hospital in toronto + now i’m in the lobby of my hotel, waiting 4 my ride 2 the airport… i am reflecting on eyes versus ears:

eyes : ears
scanning : receiving
pole : bowl
thinking : feeling
male : female
intellect : emotion
in4mation : sensation
comparing : absorbing

we are living in the visual age… in4mation is transmitted visually, through newspapers, magazines, books + 1st + 4most through television… via TV we can absorb a tremendous amount of in4mation in a very short time…

we supress ear-people – by 4going soundproofing, by allowing loud machinery, which could usually be made 2 be much more quiet… loudspeakers r blaring everywhere…

in our culture noise equates power: the sound of a sportscar or a harley-davidson motorcycle, the sound of a boom-box in the subway, the sound of drums through a sub-woofer in a passing jeep…

i believe that 2day, more than ever, we need the reflection that comes w listening, really listening… listening 2 a piece of music, listening 2 another person talking, listening 2 the rain drumming on a metal roof, listening 2 the birds singing…

computer manuals often ask people 2 move their eyes from staring @ the screen 2 looking off in2 the distance in order 2 relax the eye muscels + we similarly should close our eyes from time 2 time 2 listen 2 the sounds surrounding us, any sounds… receiving, reflecting, absorbing, like meditation…


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