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we arrived @ the ferry 2 Victoria around 6pm on May 7th after riding the bus since midnight…

we made it through a big snowstorm after leaving Edmonton by following a snowplow over the mountains…

the ferry ride was lovely as always… islands floating by…

our 2 buses arrived @ the hotel in Victoria sometime after 9pm + some of us went 2 a micro-brewery called Swan’s 4 some beers… the next evening everybody played very relaxed, happy that Calgary was behind us + knowing we would go home in another 2 days… as we walked off the stage 4 the intermission, we heard something crashing on2 the stage + turned around… it turned out 2 be a plastic vial labeled love potion that had been thrown by somebody in the balcony… soon another missile followed + missed my guitars by a foot, close enough 2 have me worried… security found the thrower, a woman in the balcony, called me on their walkies + asked what i wanted them 2 do… i decided they should simply warn the woman, explain that she could wreck a guitar + that she would get ejected from the theater if she threw another potion on2 the stage… but, at this point the theater management decided that they would not take any chances + asked security 2 have the woman escorted out of the building… the 2nd half of the show went beautifully… a man close 2 the stage kept making wild sounds + shouting whenever he liked a solo, which had us laughing as hard as one can laugh while continuing 2 play… we had a sell-out crowd + a standing ovation in a very beautiful theater + left 4 Swan’s 2 calm down + celebrate, ’cause the ferry wouldn’t leave Victoria until 6:30am the next morning…

Set List:
1. Bed of Nails (from the album Opium)
2. Serenity on Ultracloud (Opium)
3. Snakecharmer (The Hours between Night + Day)
4. Like Fire 2 Straw (The Hours between Night + Day)
5. Buleria de las Golondrinas (Opium)
6. Ocean Blvd. (Opium)
7. Butterfly + Juniper (Opium)
8. Duende del Amor (Solo Para Ti)
9. Drum Duet
10.Heart Still/Beating (Nouveau Flamenco)
11.Bombay (The Hours between Night + Day)
12.Yasmeen (Opium)
13.Buleria de Rojo (Opium)
14.Alegria Arabe (Opium)
15.Lush (The Hours between Night + Day)
16.Turkish Night (Opium)
17.Barcelona Nights (Nouveau Flamenco)
18.Surrender 2 Love (Nouveau Flamenco)


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