Denver, Colorado

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Denver… April 2nd, 1996… 20 minutes 2 showtime…everything looks perfect… the sound is incredible, the lights r fantastic, the stage looks gr8…

the OPIUM DEN CIRCUS is in town… this band + crew r amazing… these r the best people i have ever worked w… every1 of them an artist… here is the list:

guitars – Ottmar Liebert
bass + keyboard – Jon Gagan
drums – Carl Coletti
percussion – Ron Wagner
belly dancer – Myra Keene
tour manager/f.o.h. – Stefan Liebert
production manager – Bill ‘Bondo’ Sage
monitor engineer – Dan McKinley
sound technician – Vince ‘Teabag’ Butler
lighting designer – Kevin Smith
head electrician – Gus Thompson
merchandiser – Dwaine Nemergut
truck driver – Joe Frank
band bus driver – Don Register
crew bus driver – Vance Vigna

– after the show: wow…fantastic!!! it sounded so good that the whole band was smiling the whole time!!! this is IT!!! this is what all the work is 4!!!

this is the best show we have ever done, w/o a doubt…


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