Driving in Nu Zealand

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..after a gr8 lunch we left auckland this sunday afternoon, february 18th, in a rental mini-van + drove north 4 a couple of hours: stefan, bondo, jon, carl, ron + myself…

we will spend monday + tuesday in a very small town on the shore of new zealand… wednesday morning we will return 2 auckland + in the evening stefan + the band will fly 2 the u.s…. i will fly 2 the sony meeting on hamilton island, australia on thursday morning…

i probably won’t be able 2 send off this message until i get 2 sydney on sunday, a week from 2day…

i’m feeling much better 2day…it was a crazy 2 weeks… over 40 hrs. inflight (15 flights) since the beginning of the month… now i can watch the waves 4 a couple of days… the motel we r staying in is right next 2 a bay + only a couple of minutes by foot from the ocean…


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