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thursday, brisbane, over 30C, friday, adelaide, about 15C, saturday, perth over 37C… now we r on a plane on our way 2 melbourne, where it is about 14C… these r temperatur changes of over about 50 degrees fahrenheit!!

since january 31st we have already spent over 28 hours on planes + another 12 hours in airports: waiting 4 flights, waiting 4 luggage… no wonder i have a cold + feel lousy… could also be that the amount of work + lack of sleep is catching up w me… 2morrow is supposed 2 start @ 7am w a morning tv-show, continue throughout the day w more interviews + end around 8:30pm… tuesday calls 4 interviews in the morning, then soundcheck + showtime… b4 the tour stefan had asked sony australia wether we should add some more promotion days so i wouldn’t get worn out by 12-14 hour days… sony said that wasn’t necessary + then added countless hours 2 the schedule @ the last moment…

i think it’s partially my fault… i always think i will b able 2 power through any amount of work… but answering questions is not like making music, it’s actually much, much, much more draining… music will give back 2 u a feeling of elation, of excitment, the sheer happiness of creation, but interviews, more often than not, simply drain u…

what is your favourite music? where were u born? y do u play flamenco? these questions simply reveal the minds of the interviewers… people w/o much imagination, w/o a real interest in music beyond the fact that they make a living off of the musicians they interview… i’m tired…

what has been very wonderful has been the australian audiences in every city we played…supportive + sensitive…


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