Sydney 2 Brisbane

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5 days in australia already… been waking up early, around 7am + finding some nice coffeeshops 4 some alone-time b4 interviews started @ 8:30am…

i am enjoying the tour, finally ready 4 it after the time off in santa fe…we r onboard the quantas flight from sydney 2 brisbane… the 1st show of the opium tour is behind us now…last night the state theatre in sydney was sold out as opium reached #31 of the national pop-charts in australia, up from #89 in its 2nd week after release…the nu quartett sounded gr8 although the summer-humidity was making it difficult 4 jon + i…the strings were sticky + some notes were buzzing…my favourite moment came during ron’s tabla solo…kevin had a light-spiral turning around ron as his fingers danced on the tabla…the spiral kept turning + his fingers kept going faster + 4 a moment i expected him 2 lift of the stage + levitate…the set was a little long (over 2 hours) + we should probably cut a couple of songs…not sure which…audience was gr8…


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