Bus – Breakdown

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We left Boulder last night after midnight. The bus broke down in the early morning hours about 30 miles from Denver. A relatively nu 500 horsepower diesel just blew up.

The wrecker driver told Buddy noone was allowed on the bus during towing. Buddy asked him how many could sit in the tow truck. When the driver told him 4, Buddy said, that’s how many I got on the bus. So some of stayed on the bus in the bunks while they were towing which was cooler than waiting a couple of hours 4 a cab. So now we R sitting in a suite in the Western Motor Lodge waiting 4 our flights 2 L.A…

Buddy + Bob will drive a rented truck w our trailer + our gear 2 L.A. + the bus will B delivered 2 CA when the engine is fixed.


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