Shaving Head in Singapore

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3 in the afternoon. Sat by the pool + read in “Music of the Mind”. It is an amazing achievement. I may dedicate a song 2 the author. Mindbridge. Had lunch w S from the record company + Yama, the engineer. They wanted me 2 pick the restaurant + I chose the Japanese 1 here in the hotel, because I heard that Yama missed Japanese food. Didn’t discuss much. Instead of babbling on I tried 2 match their silence. Once in a while something bubbled up. Record an album in Singapore: Yama – keyboards + engineering, myself – guitar + synth, an Indian by the name of Mano on percussion + maybe Jon on bass. We could record after ÃŽ95 Australia/Nu tour or maybe January ÃŽ95. I could travel from here by train 2 Bangkok + fly from there 2 India. Or do this trip reverse + end up in Singapore 4 recording.

I shaved my head B4 lunch: setting #3 on the Braun exact 6 universal. Jon used setting #2 4 a real close shave. This is close enuff. I must say, I did a good job by myself. The desire 2 C what a shaved head would look like became so strong during the last few days. It is naked, empty, w/o adornement. I like it + yet it shocks me @ the same time.

A few minutes B4 midnight on Singapore Airlines Flight 26 2 Amsterdam + New York. I made a mistake + thought I would arrive @ JFK on the 8th when I won’t get there until the morning of the 9th. 24 hrs trip. I asked somebody @ Epic 2 change the limo + hotel reservations. From the airport lounge I called E. 2 wish her a happy birthday + 2 ask her 2 make sure the reservations were changed.

Important: CD-ROMs R boring. The same old visuals. Just like videos. Just like MTV. 2 create a CD-ROM that uses visuals that R abstract enuff 2 B viewed over + over, abstract enuff 2 keep the mind on the feeling side. 2 transport the mind. These visuals could then also B used during our life-shows. Encourage imagination. Stimulate imagination. Water, wind, movement. It is not the eyes that C – it’s the mind that organizes the in4mation. If this in4mation is not linear, the mind will create it’s own order somehow + might create a different order every time it views a series of visuals.

Pony Canyon is not in the movie business, but R affiliated w movie companies. I suggested we should do a soundtrack 4 Japan. Yama also has film music experience. I just looked out the window of the airplane + saw only my reflection, because the sky is pitchblack. My head still shocks me. Maybe my hair is 2 short. I had 2 C this though + it does feel good. My hair is unbelievably soft.


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