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our show last night was good. Wonderful audience. I read in a review that the journo couldn’t tell what the bucket was used 4. Once again proof how stupid music critics R! Maybe I should tell people next time. Met Jaz Coleman from Killing Joke after the concert. Told him I loved the record “Cairo” he did w Anne Dudley. He loved our concert. He is working on a requiem 4 Bosnia w a Classical guitarist, several Arabic instrumentalists + the London Philharmonic. Jaz said that our concert inspired him 2 use 2 guitars instead of 1, because it sounded so much more powerful. After the meet + greet Jon + I went w Phil + another record company guy 2 a restaurant called SPQR which I thought was a Roman Government inscription, but according 2 Phil meant: Some Pretensious Queen’s Restaurant. The kitchen had closed, but they managed 2 put a delicious plate of grilled vegetables 2gether. All around nice people in Nu 2day I fly 2 Singapore. Lobbycall is @ 10:30am. Dom is positive we will win the New Age Grammy. I don’t share that feeling.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    This is like going back to talk to you in the past! Fun to see you in the midst of a big tour mingling with these interesting people!

    If I could correct one errata in my life, it would be to have discovered your Diary at its beginning!

    • ottmar

      It’s fun for me to go back in time, too. SPQR – that has to be one of the best restaurant names EVER. Ah, I adore NZ. If I could correct one mistake in my life, it would be that I did NOT move to NZ in 1996…

      • JaneParhamKatz

        Oh, Ottmar.


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