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It’s 3:10am in Wellington + 6:10am on Friday in L.A….

Calvin + I just got back from a restaurant and bar named Cafe Paradiso in the city where David Hughes + I drank most of 2 bottles of red wine + we hung out w the band Crowded House who played a gig in town. Their keyboard player, Mark from Kansas, was pretty cool + we arranged 2 get 2gether after their gig in Auckland on Sunday. They were being looked after by a beautiful woman named Vanessa from EMI who will arrange our meeting this week-end. Talked 2 X 4 a while. He agrees w our position on the Europe tour in April, which is: let’s not go. Drank a bit 2 much. It’s mineral water 4 me. 4 a while.

Got woken up Saturday morning by a girl named Petra that wanted 2 do a TV interview 4 a Much Music – like station named Cry TV in the town of Christchurch. They play our videos all the time she claims. I got my slightly hungover self 2gether 4 that interview + then I was off 2 a live talk radio broadcast from a Honda dealership. The glamour. I can hardly stand it. Bought some strange but wonderful dried bananas. Kinda like liquorice, banana, fish + turds all 2gether.

Received a wonderful note from SJ who let me know that the Lucasfilm special effects genius might indeed have the space hiss I am looking 4. We R welcome 2 look through his collection of deep space sounds. Cool. SJ comes through again.


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