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back on a plane. We R flying 2 Perth. Daniel Day-Lewis has a big head. At least he seems to have a big head on these in-flight monitors. Jon is reading Tolstoy + he is still listening 2 the FaurÈ; requiem daily. Should I get worried? He is also drinking more mineral water than beer. That is a unhealthy balance 4 any muso. Jon claims it snot twue, but I am suspecting…Wad won’t become a didgeridooist. He couldn’t produce a sound – but he looked good trying until his bean turned red. Mark has been unusually uneventful. He is playing very well however. Dom has bought some Opal + is contemplating a little precious stone side business.

Our show in Adelaide last night was the usual fight against the slap back that we have encountered in every hall we have played in Australia. I am anxiously awaiting our new ear-monitor system. We should have them all by April + will B able 2 rehearse w them 4 the U.S. + Canada tour 4/15 – 5/14.

Dom is reading the book “Music of the Mind” + loves it. It’ll change his life. I call the author a UNIST + I should call myself that, 2.


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