Sydney to Melbourne

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Jon + eye R sitting @ 25,000 ft. in seats 1A + 1B of the Quantas flight – service w a sneer – from Sid Knee 2 Mel Burn, which is a gr8 improvement over our flight from Mexico City 2 Leon when the pilot announced that we were cruising @ an altitude of 25 feet above C-level. Last knight we played @ Carlsbad Caverns- oops, we meant Sid Knee Town Hall. Considering the slap-back we gave 1 hell of a fine performance. Know anybody who invented a reverberation-vacuum-cleaner?

In Nu Jon + I will B flown 2 an island winery 4 lunch – in a helicopter. Just like Stevie-Ray. Its 2 cold, it’s 2 humid, it’s 2 hot, it’s 2 beautiful, she’s 2 beautiful, I’m 2 hungry, the wine is 2 cold….. Here is a question 4 U: Y is Peephole magazine called WHO in Australia? Just saw a headline in a paper: Ottmar on a style roller coaster. What does that mean? I guess it is a better headline than Guitarist + Bassplayer killed in helicopter crash? A couple a days ago we was given a didgeridoo by sony. 2day the owner of a store gave me a long object, wrapped in white paper that even 2 my untrained eye screamed didg…… The man told me it was a very special Australian present. I said, well, we R flying 2 Melbourne right after this appearance + I should keep whatever this is wrapped up, because it will B easier 2 check @ the airline. He said good idea it will B a gr8 surprise, something really Australian. @ that moment Calvin came by + said in front of this very surprised individual: “Is that another didgeridoo?”. U shoulda seen the guys face. It went right down 2 the floor + el guerro sauntered off in that oblivious way of his.

I’m getting sleepy. Stayed up after our show in Sydney on Thursdaynight until 6:30am Fri.morning + had 2 get up @ 9:30am. Now it’s already 2:00am Saturday. Time 2 hit bed.


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