Bike Racks

David Byrne, Cultural Omnivore, Raises Cycling Gear to an Art Form With Bike Racks –
David Byrne is an installation artist, author, blogger, recording executive, photographer, film director and PowerPoint enthusiast. He’s even been known to dabble in music. But in certain New York neighborhoods he may be most visible as a bicycle rider, a lanky figure pedaling around the Lower East Side, or from Bay Ridge out to Coney Island in Brooklyn or up to the Bronx Museum of the Arts.

In recent years his interest in bicycles has expanded from riding them to thinking seriously about the role they play in urban life, as he has started making connections with politicians and international design consultants keen to keep cars from taking over the city. So when the Department of Transportation asked him to help judge a design competition for the city’s new bike racks, he eagerly agreed — so eagerly, in fact, that he sent in his own designs as well.

I do like that tag “Cultural Omnivore”…

The city of Santa Fe should hold a design competition for bike racks – especially in view of the upcoming 400 year anniversary of the city. Might even include a pink howling coyote bike rack. Ha!

Here is what I saw in Park City, Utah.
Bike Lockup Solution