Bike or Mule

This morning I discovered that the rear tire of my bike had deflated, walked the bike back up the hill to my house and drove. When Jon pulled his bike out of the shed he keeps it in, he discovered that he too had a flat rear tire… What are the odds? Jon says that as he was opening the door, he thought how weird it would be if his bike had a flat tire as well…

We met for breakfast and saw this very cool cargo bike:


dave commented:
Well, it does have 8 speeds. You could put your guitar in front and pedal to local shows.

Link to Dutch manufacturer and link to U.S. dealer

From an earlier post:

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In a few years you might just find me on a horse or bicycle, with a guitar and laptop strapped to my back, riding from gig to gig. Or, maybe this itinerant mariachi with international connections should use a mule-drawn cart…