Friday Tea

Shall we drink tea in the Chinese style today? We could use the Gongfu method, which I had the pleasure to learn in Singapore in 1994. It’s a lovely and refined way to prepare tea, no doubt. But no, let’s drink tea the way most Chinese will drink it.

Take any cup or bowl, one of white color is preferable because you can observe the leaves easier, and add a couple of pinches (((no need to use a spoon – using your fingers gives you a nice first encounter with the leaves))) of green Chinese tea, like Dragonwell tea for example – easily obtained in any good tea store or from the internets.

When the tea has reached the desired color, in this case a beautiful light light green, you drink from the cup, using your teeth to keep the leaves out of your mouth. There are many Chinese poems about seeing a little tea leaf stuck between a lover’s teeth. With a little practice your teeth will become very efficient strainers. Or, you can simply wait a few more minutes until the leaves have settled at the bottom of the cup…

The first brew is not always considered the best brew, in fact the second or third brew will usually be considered the most flavorful.