Rain Poems Limited Edition CD

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I will pick up the covers today. Since everything fits together the way I intended I ordered fresh CD media and more envelopes. On Tuesday I will burn a CD and then I will try to play it in every CD player I own and a few I don’t, to make sure the CD works in the widest variety of players. I have a few days before the start of the California tour and should be able to burn a bunch of the CDs before I leave. 

Edition of 100. Each CD burned by me, signed and numbered. Offered for sale to Backstage members at $54, which is the price of a CD from the 1980s adjusted for inflation. Anyone who isn’t a Backstage members can buy the CD for the price of $108. Shipping is a flat $20. The album can be purchased on Bandcamp on March 1st. First come first serve. When they are gone they are gone.


  1. Steve

    Will there be a place to order these on the website when ready?

  2. Ali

    Hi Ottmar – I haven’t owned a CD player in years, and it’s not the way I listen to music anymore, but would love to have the content of this limited edition CD. Would you consider offering a digital version?

    Thank you, and this is such a great offering!

  3. Robin

    Your new packaging reminds me of when you did the La Semana box…with the postcards! And then there was also the “3 is 4 good luck” mini cd (I have #177!).


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