When I’m Sixty Five

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I was going to post a photo of myself to be taken on my birthday, today. But I like this one and it’s less than two months old. My partner took it in Ginza, Tokyo, on December 4th. That day I bought new sunglasses by Matsuda, a Japanese eyewear company I have long admired. The sunglasses I had been wearing were at least twenty years old and the lenses had to replaced once already because the dark grey color had been turned into purple by the sun. I waited to get new sunglasses because it was a chance to bring something home that would always remind me of this trip. 

65. My dad was retired by this age but musicians don’t retire. We may have to adjust our music to the age of our hands but that is an interesting challenge, too. Less can be a bore but less can also be more. Walk, don’t run. Look for depth rather than dazzle. Not that I was ever a dazzling musician. There are lots of others who do that better. 

Thank you for being on this journey with me, for accompanying me and for enabling me. To many more years together. Cheers. 

PS: Yesterday the check out person at the grocery store called me the Sake guy. Is that why this excellent bottle of Sake is on sale for 25% off, I asked, because I am the only person who buys it? Yes, she said. That’s fine by me, I replied, more for me…


  1. Ali

    Happy Birthday!! Ottmar =^]

    May you have many more healthy and happy years ahead of you.

  2. Tim Coletti

    Happy Birthday Ottmar!

    I just happen to be sitting here and working away and listening to your music after conversing with artisan in Italy who mentioned to me yesterday that he loved your music… So today I looked you up and figured as things are in the world at times, there may be some coincidental thing that might occur upon doing so. Well, I find 2. One is that yesterday was your birthday. Two, is that the reason I was talking to this guy in Italy who makes custom finger ramps for bass guitars is because I have been having right hand tendonitis and pre-trigger (which may really be lumbrical muscle overuse and tightness) for the last year, and I see in your post here about “changing our music to adjust to our age…” Man, aint it the truth! I’m changing my right hand pluck from planted thumb A-frame posture to a floating thumb Gary Willis approach and it has really helped a lot. Apparently, according to my hand therapist, the planted thumb A-frame bent wrist posture over utilizes the lumbrical… which is the only muscle in the body that is not connected to bone, but rather connected to the tendons that run up into the fingers, which then insert on the bone of the fingers. When this muscle becomes cramped it pulls on the tendons and can create pain similar to tendinitis and trigger. She went on to teach me, after I showed her the curled hand position used in classical playing and rounding on banjo, that this position with the knuckles curled utilizes muscles up in the arm. A few days later by coincidence I came upon an instructional video by the great bass player Gary Willis who put out a video many many many years ago talking about the exact same thing. 99% sure you may already be aware of some of this stuff, but just in case you weren’t I thought I would just pass it along. Every little bit helps. Anything that would keep us from doing what we love so much has to be pushed back on with as much knowledge and tinkering as we can muster. Hoping all is well with you and yours! Peace. PS. Really loving Waiting n Swan!

  3. Diran

    Happy Birthday to You ,many many more.

  4. Steve

    Happy 65! Wishing you all the best.

  5. ottmar

    Thank you thank you thank you

  6. Karla Schuster

    Happy belated birthday Othmar!
    Big fan, love your music and play it when I collage . Hope you and Luna Negra come to Atlanta soon


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