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02023-12-18 | Backstage, Touring | 0 comments

At the end of the last tour the four of us discussed merch and CDs and Backstage. It was suggested that I make a QR Code for a webpage that shows links to Backstage and Bandcamp. Since I often mention that Jon and Robby have their own music on Bandcamp, I suggested we make a page with four links.

The next idea was to have a few stand-up displays made that we could put somewhere inside any venue, perhaps next to Stephen’s mixing position. Another idea was to print either stickers or postcards and offer them to people.

Ideally I don’t want to use plastic (stickers and stand-up displays) or paper (postcards) but I don’t see another solution. In any case I came up with a few designs this afternoon.

I am currently leaning towards postcards. 

Any thoughts or ideas?


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