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Humanity has coexisted with forests.
Where forests have collapsed,
civilizations have perished.
Now, forests are collapsing all over the world.
Is this not a warning of the demise of human civilization.
Let’s at least plant trees.
– Ryuichi Sakamoto (excerpted from “more trees” website , 2007)


I love that image. The ability to remain still and observant was something I greatly admired about Ryuichi Sakamoto. While performing with other artists, he would often remain still and listen, allowing things to grow until he added something. This video of his performance with Alva Noto inside the Glasshouse by Philip Johnson is a good example, but I’ve noticed it in many videos of his performances. The image above shows that same stillness.


  1. anne

    (be still, observant and passively aware )
    Hard to do .

    Today – 3 blue jays visited me,
    On walk with daughter, saw a blue heron, Cormorant, turtle and two hawks circling.
    All, gave my spirit a lift today.


  2. anne

    Fall .such a lovely session – wonderful colors
    Fall cooking / baking …so yummy.
    Cool air…warm blankets.
    Ready for the big retreat. .


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