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One night he sat next to a couple and observed them as they ordered the most expensive dishes, drank the wonderful wine, and left, after paying, thanking the staff for the amazing evening. The next day, they emailed the restaurant detailing how they had been rudely treated by the staff, saying that the food had been vile, and asking, before they wrote a review online, how they might be compensated. My friend suggested a free glass of wine on their next visit, so they posted a scathing online review. He’s also had people eat a sandwich but return the last bite saying that it tastes off and could they please have their money back – or else. The online review is the preferred weapon of the modern extortionist.

Saturday 29 July 2023 – Monocle Minute | Monocle

The Food and Beverage business is hard. I don’t think I have ever written to a restaurant. If the food is great, I will be back often. If the food isn’t good, I won’t go back. Unless it seemed like an off night, in which case I would always give the restaurant a second chance. All of us have a bad night now and then. 

We have had to learn how to read online reviews, especially how to ignore the stupid ones. 


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