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Owen Gleiberman in his Venice Film Festival Daily Variety review wrote:

“Let me say right up front: It’s the work of a master filmmaker… Field’s script is dazzling in its conversational flow, its insider dexterity, its perception of how power in the world actually works… Tár is not a judgement so much as a statement you can make your own judgment about. The statement is: We’re in a new world.”

A. O. Scott of The New York Times writing from the Telluride Film Festival and later from the New York Film Festival stated:

“I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a movie quite like Tár. Field balances Apollonian restraint with Dionysian frenzy. Tár is meticulously controlled and also scarily wild. Field finds a new way of posing the perennial question about separating the artist from the art, a question that he suggests can only be answered by another question: are you crazy? We don’t care about Tár because she’s an artist. We care about her because she’s art.”

Tár – Wikipedia

Two very concise and well expressed quotes about the movie Tár. 

I have watched the movie twice now and suspect that there are at least two movies hiding in Tár. It’s a movie about a conductor and about social media and all that, but it is also a ghost story. A movie about a person who gets canceled and also a horror film. 

Spoiler alert… the metronome that starts ticking inside her cabinet, the noises she hears, the book and the mark she finds inside. I am even wondering whether everything after her fall happens to her or is a dream, perhaps in a hospital bed. The movie definitely merits a third viewing. I like it a lot. :-)

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  1. anne

    great role for Cate Blanchett – (think i read – he made this movie with her in mind?)

    the first word that come to mind re movie is …obliteration


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