Little Fish

02023-05-31 | Language, Portugal | 1 comment

More water based imagery. I wrote about the plop of the frog in the pond and now I will tell you my favorite  name for a vegetable. It’s a name for the broad green bean that is often battered and fried in Portugal. And which inspired the Japanese art of Tempura cooking. One name for that broad bean is: Peixinho da horta

Peixe is fish and peixinhos are little fish. While a garden is jardim, a vegetable garden is called horta. So the phrase means Little Fish from the Vegetable Garden

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  1. JaneParham

    The Portuguese language is deeply satisfying; and when European Portuguese is pronounced well, it is music, as it is poetry.

    I’m looking forward to my Portuguese class in Lisbon starting June 19!


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