What they had the least of…

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A prominent white educator was studying the culture of the Hopi, a Native American desert dwelling tribe. He found it strange that almost all of the Hopi music was about water and he asked one of the musicians why. He explained that so much of their music was about water because that was what they had the least of. And then he told the white man, “Most of your music is about love.”

1970 Jazz: Atlantic Records

Found that quote on The Music Aficionado’s history of Atlantic Records. I’ll be thinking about that for a long time.

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  1. Luna

    wow. very powerfully inspiring & alchemical words…thank you for sharing this wisdom.
    It feels respectful to add that nowadays on the beautiful planet, it doesn’t seem to be just “one type or group, or age, or location of people” having & sharing little Love and Heart Energy. It appears that ancient wisdom, perhaps even from other lifetimes, for every soul no matter what “identity” they may walk now, carries the seeds of changing FROM lack of Heart, lack of Loving. It appears NOW, that we all have the conscious accountability, daily, with self & others, to releasING (active verb) anything from our Hearts that may have caused that old stagnant fear + that old trauma underlying the fear, and to shift it now back INTO something Loving, Living & Vibrant again. Supportive & Honest HeartJoy Energy just for the sake of itself! Maybe its time we each Ask ourselves where is Ours hanging out?…in a drought, without inspiration to share Loving for the sake of Loving without envy or cruelty or “depowering” someone else like a child because we didn’t get our way??? Are we humans ready to be that nakedly honest with ourselves and truly brave?
    Rain/Water cleanses, creates life, and grows things, and Loving does the same…for everyone…


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