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I recall buying his solo debut, Movies, when it came out in 1979. I returned it after a couple of listens. But 6 months later, I found an entry into his Dadaesque world and Movies became one of my favorite albums with his mix of hipster lounge exotica on “Cool in the Pool” countered by the epic expanse of “Hollywood Symphony.” That album is my first pick for essential Holger Czukay CDs.


I love stories like that. It’s happened plenty of times to me, too. And not just with an album of music, also with painting styles, or with food. Some things we need to approach slowly, some win us over immediately.

Does this happen anymore, in a time when all music is available and streaming everywhere? I suspect that a lot of people stick to the stuff they like and thus get challenged less in a streaming world. Radio used to be a great medium to get challenged by… but that was a long time ago. 

This hasn’t happened just to music, but to much of culture, including politics. Fences are higher than ever and people stay in their group. Tell me the stuff I want to hear, play the music I already like, and don’t make me deal with anything different. The internet created more walled gardens, not less. That must have surprised the people who designed the internet. 

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  1. anne

    Trusted education when exploring new types of music, art, food, culture, politics, thought can help,

    Yes, changing minds or opening minds can be difficult (can’t see what we can’t see). Maybe impossible esp when there are generational issues/problems that have never been resolved or power structures creating imbalance , etc.

    Also – it may go much deeper too…..we are not ready to evolve.


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