Trees as Technolgy

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“If you write out the basic facts of trees, but framed as technology, it sounds like impossible sci-fi nonsense. Self-replicating, solar-powered machines that synthesize carbon dioxide and rainwater into oxygen and sturdy building materials on a planetary scale.”
— Jarod Anderson /

entangled systems

More trees. Everywhere. All the time. Humans were invented and enabled by trees for their entertainment, and for tree trimming, and to pick the fruit.😉 Were the trees wrong to create oxygen for the puny humans? Time will tell. 

A city that takes care of its trees is a good city. In the Spring street trees receive a trim. Streets are narrow and there is no room for a big cherry picker truck to park, so men climb into the trees and cut branches. (also no big sign or someone warning people… you are expected to see what’s going on and avoid the falling branches… 🙂)

IMG 8824

This is a huge Juniper, the biggest I have ever seen. The trunk measures between 4 and 5 feet in diameter. A steel frame supports the old branches and creates a beautiful space for sitting in the shade. 

OL 230412 08 25 10

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  1. Ali

    Sadhguru always says that trees are half of our lungs.


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