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We’re a culture obsessed with happiness, except we’ve been going about it all wrong. Join us for a FREE 10-day course where one of the wisest humans on the planet teams up with a leading neuroscientist to share the proven steps you can take to be happier. In a paradigm-shifting collaboration, our host Dan Harris joins the Dalai Lama, world-renowned educator and researcher Richie Davidson, and ace meditation teacher Roshi Joan Halifax.
The Dalai Lama’s Guide to Happiness | Ten Percent Happier

This course is free, because that’s the condition the Dalai Lama had for speaking. The meditation is guided by Roshi Joan.

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  1. anne

    Need a good strategy/plan re GLOBAL mental health. HUGE problem.

    Mindful training experts should have some idea’s how to address this crisis .

    The money that is wasted MUST be addressed.

    Unnecessary strain on global systems.

    (…money it’s a hit….)


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