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More Santana history on Music Aficionado:

This is one of Santana’s least known albums outside of Japan, for the simple reason that until 1991 it was not released in the US. Carlos Santana: “It was beautiful and ambitious and the music was fresh, but it was nothing that Columbia could handle. With the album cover and packaging and the three disks, it was just too expensive for them. They didn’t believe it would sell enough. Even after the Japanese finally released Lotus in the summer of 1974 and it became the bestselling import at the time, Columbia wouldn’t budge, and even Bill Graham couldn’t make them.”
Santana 1972-1974, Part 5: Lotus

I did not know this. I went to Santana’s concert in Köln, on 23 September 1975, and a little later that year I got the Lotus album. In fact, I still have it, although I cut a page from the huge booklet (weren’t the big booklets that sometimes accompanied 12″ vinyl LPs amazing?!?!?) for Carlos to sign:


  1. anne

    Any remarks on the pink floyd band? …
    and roger’s recent concert’s /activities.
    A successful band?

    • anne

      sorry….re the pink floyd questions ….(watched roger today, agitating – imo)

      like Gilmour – he is professional and mature in interviews and has some outstanding performances, – again -imo.

      Pink Floyd has too much drama now.

      re santana – love some pieces,. ..plus liked his interview in wie magazine.


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