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There’s something about Ozu films that I love.

Perhaps it’s the quietness of the plot, where I know nothing is going to jump out at me, make my heart race, or leave me in a soggy puddle on the floor.

His movies are not very long but they take me hours to watch. Why? With most of them, I pause specific scenes just so I can take in everything that’s there. And there’s always a lot to take in.
there’s something about Ozu – un. deux.. trois…

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  1. Elisabeth

    I like the japanese culture ! I dream of going there one day… I would like to visit the spiritual places. I have seen Ozu movies, « Voyage à Tokyo » and « Le goût du Saké ». When I was 15 years old, I discovered the asian culture with Marguerite Duras, a french writer who born in Indochina in 1914. I her the silence and ils singular rythm in her writing, especially in « Hiroshima mon amour ». She made movies with her books. In « Moderato Cantabile », when Anne Desbaresdes understand that the man who she loves doesn’t love her, Duras just films the actress’face… Just her eyes… I remember this sentence from Christian Bobin : « C’est toujours ce qui est tu qui est le vrai. » It is always what we don’t say that is true…


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