Can They Walk?

02023-02-16 | Walking | 7 comments

Our first questions about the value of a book, of a human being, or a musical composition are: Can they walk? Even more, can they dance?

– Friedrich Nietzsche


  1. JaneParham

    Just this week I have read a few things about Nietzsche that have spurred me to study who he was and what he really said. I begin to admire him – getting past the flurry over “God is dead.”. More later…

  2. anne

    he sure liked to walk….may have walked himself into madness !

    (like to think N – was onto something before he fell ill and others twisted his theories. Sure the academic’s have much to say)

  3. ottmar

    I agree with Anne, Nietzsche is pretty amazing and worth studying. How many people were driven to madness by syphilis! I remember that being the cause for his decline. I am Buddhist and for Buddhists there is no god, but I can imagine how horrified people must have been after reading that line Jane quoted. It must have been a good conversation starter…. or ender.

    • anne

      he was a trailblazer for his time

      don’t think they know for sure what caused his decline – but considering what he was working on, I have often wondered if his inner exploration into the human mind was simply to much for his nervous system to handle. Died to soon.

      (Buddhism emerged from Hinduism – a faith that believes in a supreme power)

      • ottmar

        That’s an interesting thought about Nietzsche.

        Puzzled by your last statement though and wonder what it means. Are you stating a fact, that Buddha came from a Hindu background, but went down a new path? The term supreme power could also be debated – there are 3003 gods who are manifestations of 33 gods. Perhaps supreme powers?

        • anne

          Ottmar -I understand there are very few facts in this area.

          A Buddhist scholar would have a much better historical context.

          From my own inquiry – I believe “Buddhism” met a need of the leaders in power at the time by appealing to the lower castes. (There are lots of interesting historical events as to why Buddhism emerged).

          Re Supreme power – I am referring to the Atman (Hindu term)- Supreme God.

          • anne

            Such and interesting subject area .

            From a science perspective – the universe keeps expanding – nothing is outside of the universe -no god. Most things can be explained by evolution and what we don’t know – one day we may. Makes sense in a very logical way.

            Wisdom teachers are fascinating. Lots of historical events swirl around all of them. I ask – How have their teachings improved the world? How will these teachings (insights) improve the world?

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