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Meditation is how the body cultivates the mind.

Most people would say that the farmer cultivates the land but I think it is the other way around. Over time the land cultivates the farmer.


  1. anne

    both / AND

    (for a short time- worked on a working historical farm – early 1900’s.)

    Plowed fields with horses, bailed hay, feed/cleaned animals (horses, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens,rabbits and lots of kittens ! ) Helped with births and milking.
    Baked cookies on wood burning stove for visitors. Made dress on pedal sewing machine (house had not electricity).

    Farming is a great teacher.

  2. anne

    (house had no electricity)

    worked alongside with men in field, on farm with cleaning, feeding etc -..hard …f…ing work ! – Ever done it? or any hard manual work in your life?

    but —

    never did men help out in the kitchen or making clothes. Why is that?

    what is different today…i wonder

    ….the heavy lifting is always left to women -imo

  3. anne

    been thinking about working on the farm (had forgotten that experience until this post …triggered a memory – even emotion)

    The field work was mostly for the animals. We for used the milk and eggs for baking mostly. Animals would be sold if too many births.

    The house was a historical museum. Gave tours, baked and sewed.
    I was paid to do both – ie 3 days on the farm and 2 days in the house cause i was female. Male employee’s only worked on the farm/field. I remember asking about this, and was told house chores were done by females only.

    Today,…a women can hold a senior position and still have most of the child rearing and domestic chores.

    True equity does not exist…and may never exist (not just between males/females), …at least not in our life time

    The bigger question is …Where does this thinking/attitude/behavior come from? (both males and females accept it…culture supports it).


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