Huge Empty Cities

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Naturally grown communities have existed online for as long as people have had access to the internet, and adapting existing frameworks for our own purposes and communities is a very human expression of the desire for a variety of interactions and connections. In contrast, the metaverses being promised appear to be the digital equivalent of huge empty cities being clumsily built without character or community in mind, and inviting people in to spend their money.
“Metaverses will be the digital equivalent of huge empty cities”

The article ends with:

How sad but entirely predictable it is to see these visions of the future have privatisation of digital space and an obsession with ownership running through them, mirroring the problems of our real-world spaces. The companies spouting promises about the metaverse are right in that there is value to shared online spaces, but of course they naturally bypass the human value and go straight for perceived monetary value.

I have zero interest in the Metaverse, as it is imagined by the corporations. I do, however, think that once these merchants fall on their faces, the people may make something very worthwhile of it.


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