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There are reasons for walking fast and for me they tend to involve temperature or hunger. I remember a few early mornings, when I stormed through Manhattan with Jon, on our way to a favorite cafe downtown. We would cover more than 60 blocks in very little time. Today, I figured my wool hoodie would be too warm and left the hotel in a t-shirt, when it was 54º outside. So I had to hustle and hustle I did. I covered 3.15 miles at an average pace of 14’24” per mile. Because a gaggle of humans was holding me up for a while, on the narrow river walk, I walked the third mile at a pace of 13’50”, which, for me, feels like the last gear before running.

I noticed several spots where either birds of paradise or banana plants had been cut down. What happened there, I wondered. Not enough rain? Too cold?

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  1. JaneParham

    Say, Ottmar, what is your favorite Manhattan cafe?

    This morning, I spent an hour sitting on Marriage Island by the San Antonio River. I love to watch the squirrels flipping their luxurious tails and the ducks preening and fluffing their tail feathers. One big duck wearing a tuxedo followed a family on down the River Walk. 20 minutes later he flew back to Marriage Island, whirring to a spectacular skid landing on the water.

    The mild breeze was so delicious, the sunlight under the trees so elegant, I resented having to leave.


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