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02022-09-21 | Touring | 6 comments

I added tour dates to the calendar. Texas and Florida in January, our traditional California tour around Valentine’s Day, and a few dates in March, including a performance with the New Mexico Philharmonic at Popejoy Hall in Albuquerque on 11. March.


  1. JaneParham

    Wonderful, Ottmar! Will you write something for the NM Philharmonic? Your thoughts about sounds lately make me feel you would excel at orchestration.

    • ottmar

      Jon created all of the arrangements of my music for the orchestra. It’s not a field I know much about or have a huge interest in. Too many people involved. I like the small projects. :-)

      • JaneParham

        I know exactly what you mean! Good on Jon!

  2. Robin

    Hi, any idea when tickets will go on sale for the Orlando date? It isn’t showing up on The Plaza Live website even though they are listing shows into March of next year. Thanks!

    • ottmar

      I am told that tickets will go on sale next week. The building puts up their shows right away when they are booked but we’re going through a promoter which can take a few extra days. Please check again next week.

      • Robin

        Will do, thank you!


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