Migrants Through Time

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On our globalizing planet, where the pace of change keeps accelerating, many of us are coming to feel at least a little bit foreign, because all of us, whether we travel far afield or not, are migrants through time. Even if you are eighty and have never left your hometown, yours has become another country from that of your childhood.

from the book “Discontent and its Civilizations” by Mohsin Hamid

We are all migrants through time…


  1. JaneParham

    This brings into focus that time is a real dimension. Exciting!

    I saw a video series about the Neanderthals – 40,000 to maybe 130,000 years ago. They lived and loved, figured out a lot of things, created tools and weapons. Can you even begin to imagine that long ago! But there it is. Completely unrecognizable in our current timeframe.

  2. anne

    Title so similar to Sigmund Freud- Civilization and Its Discontents , ordered from library.

    “We are all migrants through time…” – sure – humans go back 6 million years – planet 4.5 billion….maybe, space too?


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