Bread and Bouncy Trees

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Yesterday was Sunday. That’s usually my baking day and I made bread and once again tried making pão de queijo, the Brazilian cheese bread I discovered in Lisbon. The dough for the pão seemed much too thin, so I added more tapioca flour and decided to bake in a muffin pan. The result was quite satisfactory and encourages further experimentation.
IMG 7354
This morning I stepped out of the house a half hour before sunset and decided that I did not want to listen to a podcast or audio book. Enough words. Enough information. I needed a break. I felt like listening to music and looking at Apple Music I noticed a playlist called LoFi Sunday. Why not, I thought. I remembered Canton telling me about LoFi ages and ages ago but not what it was about. It was a pleasant experience and the music was quite dreamy. Judging by the first twenty tracks of the playlist, here is a specific clean electric guitar sound that most of the bands utilize, there are mellow hiphop beats, and often there are sound recordings, such as ocean waves, added. As I was walking along under a sky that was slowly illuminating, and listening to LoFi, I thought about trees. Some species remind me so much of architects… Jacaranda or Rain Trees are bold and reach out horizontally, but always within their limits. Live Oaks are crazy and adventurous. As often as not they overreach. Sometimes they can cover a whole street, but many times their branches keep reaching and so they, eventually, touch the ground. One such Live Oak looked like a photo of a ball’s frozen trajectory, as a branch hit the ground, then rebounded and, reaching further, hit the ground again.
IMG 7359
The old master is, of course, the Banyan, because it knows its limits and yet can surpass them by creating secondary trunks.


  1. anne

    yes agree – “Some species remind me so much of architects”. So many varieties of trees.

    For the most part – they go unnoticed… but come fall time people enjoy the colors.

    Silence works for me on walks. Usually don’t even bring cell phone, but not wise.

    • anne

      my remark “For the most part – they go unnoticed…” …includes myself. ,,I miss interesting trees – other stuff all the time.

      Kids do not learn alot about nature in school so unless do own research – we (including myself) have limited knowledge. I am ok with being dumb on lots of stuff.

      And ..

      “Silence works for me on walks” -I do not wear earplugs, I usually do not listen to music/podcasts.

      My posts/comments are in response to something you /Ottmar has said.
      You/ Ottmar – imo- see us as fans – so like to entertain us. (some think … there is only two kinds of people in the world – ones who entertain and ones who watch)

      I am ok with that. .

  2. JaneParham

    I admire you for having a “baking day”! :-)

    I like to walk with my ears free to pick up the many sounds happening, birdsong, distant cars flowing, muffled voices, my own footsteps on gravel, dirt, weeds, barking behind fences, high jets , little private planes, and Oh! The aspen leaves in the breeze, unknown insects humming and pulsing……..


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