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What kind of ice cream person are you? Ice cream or gelato or sorbet? Or is it all too sweet? Do you prefer the nutty flavors or the fruity flavors? Or do you seek surprises for the palate. If you prefer something different, this place has you covered:
Flavors: What We’re Scooping This Month – Salt & Straw
I haven’t been. Hazelnut and pistachio were two of my dad’s favorites and I do enjoy pistachio gelato. I am also partial to banana. There is a small gelato shop near my flat in Lisbon and once in a while I stroll there in the evening.


  1. Y.

    Pistachio gelato is the favorite.

  2. luna

    Used to go periodically to Salt and Straw in Portland, Oregon, for some wild combinations of flavors. But my favorite has remained the same since I was a kid, homemade banana walnut, not too sweet. What a treat!

  3. Kristen Jikai

    Thanks for the post – a shop here in Eugene, Oregon! I’ll take my dad to try their offerings as he used to make us girls crank the ice cream into being – twas always the most delicious vanilla ice cream!

    • ottmar

      Let us know what it was like!!


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