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Wednesday 17 August 2022 – The Monocle Minute | Monocle:

One of the most disheartening comments on my recent visit to Ukraine for Monocle had less to do with the war and more to do with my home country, the US. A couple who had fled from the southern port city of Mariupol to western Lviv told me that they considered seeking asylum in the US but, upon further reading, had demurred. The recent abortion ruling, societal divisions and right-wing tendencies had scared them off. I’m not so naive as to believe that the US remains a shining city on a hill – perhaps we never were – but there’s something about a couple who are fleeing war rejecting your home country as an alternative that makes this reality hit home.


  1. Doc

    This is a sad thing to think that we in the US are no longer a beacon of freedom; and we voted it all away.

  2. JaneParham

    Just a moment. True, the US is under attack by fascist extremist fringe, and they have made headway into Congress, the Supreme Court and for 4 years had complete control of the Whitehouse. I suspect there is a pile of influence pushed by Putin and other autocratic “strongmen,” perhaps offering riches and power to some of our wealthy leaders to tempt them into participating in the destruction of democracy.

    A very effective tool aiding our enemy is of course the media, especially Fox News and social media spreading lies like wildfire over the world, painting a misshapen picture of the US.

    This fascist fringe enemy of democracy is a minority, though loud and energetic. Even so, our Dept of Justice is making quiet attacks on this enemy, holding to the law. And Biden is signing major laws for the benefit of our citizens and the world. The US still has more to do to create freedom and justice for all, but we keep working toward that in spite of setbacks.

    I’m so sorry those Ukrainians bought the lies and are not coming to America. We need them here.


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