Roots of Kindness

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Carrots and the Roots of Kindness – The Marginalian:

The word kind meaning type or variety, which you have noticed I have used with some flourish, is among the delights, for it puts the kindness of carrots front and center in this discussion (good for your eyes, yummy, etc.), in addition to reminding us that kindness and kin have the same mother. Maybe making those to whom we are kind our kin. To whom, even, those we might be. And that circle is big.

Through kindness we extend our kin. We can open our arms wide and consider everything kin, for what isn’t. From people to animals to insects to trees to mountains to landscapes and so on, and so on.

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  1. JaneParham


    I experienced a beautiful kindness recently. A cricket got inside the house and offered a wonderful serenade every evening. I spotted him hiding under a bookshelf; he kept on singing. How could such a tiny critter produce such a resonant, heartfelt tone! I loved that little fellow. I welcomed his lovely song, which stopped causing any interruption in my doings.

    The night came when there was only silence. I found him expired in the hallway. I wept and bid him a fond farewell. I miss him, a kindred spirit.


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