Dancing Bees

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Since honeybees have no spoken language, they often convey information to one another by wiggling their bodies.

Known as a “waggle dance,” this pattern of movements can be used by one forager bee to tell other bees where a food source is located. The direction of the movements corresponds to the food’s direction relative to the hive and the sun, whereas the duration of the dance indicates the food’s distance from the hive.

Inspired by this behaviour, an international team of researchers set out to see if a similar system could be used by robots and humans in locations such as disaster sites, where wireless networks aren’t available.

Dancing bees inspire alternative communication system for robots

I love the idea of conveying information through dance. Waltzing robots would be a sight.


  1. anne

    Enjoy watching the bees and butterflies dance around the garden.
    I have planted flowering shrubs just for this…coming into the peak period.

    Fascinating how the movement attracts others.

    • anne

      My first monarch butterfly today searching for food – they know it is coming.

      Out of nowhere ..they come to feed on a specific flowering shrub.

      Without it ..may get the odd M.butterfly.

      And their migration is incredible.


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