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02022-07-08 | Internet, Website | 4 comments

A subscription only Member Section for this website is still in the works. I am taking my time with it and am collecting ideas that are interesting or useful. I noticed that Pat Metheny has a Q&A section on his website – LINK. Mind you, it doesn’t appear as if he has answered any questions sine 2013…

Is something like that of interest? Perhaps a much simpler version – just a page with a form for a question. The question would then be answered by me in a new post.

I am also still groping for a name for the subscription service. Last time we tried this, in 2009 or so, we called it “Ottmar-Friends Journal”. Got any ideas? Please leave them as a comment to this post.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Simply “Members Club” ór “Ottmar Bonus Club” sounds good.

  2. MTCallahan

    You can’t go wrong with Naugahyde Lounge :)

  3. ottmar

    Perhaps simple is best. I do like Ottmar Bonus Club. That it is a bonus to be a member of such a club should hopefully be obvious. Perhaps Ottmar Club is all we need. Club Ottmar? Lounge isn’t bad either. It suggests hanging out, relaxing. We used to have the ListeningLounge. At the top of this blog it says Ottmar Liebert; the club could be called Ottmar Lounge. Perhaps that’s not obvious enough. Club House? That sounds better than Club Page. Club Space? I like Club House, because houses can have multiple floors, each dedicated to a different subject. Club Area? This needs more fermentation.

    • JaneParhamKatz

      Ottmar Forum

      (Club Ottmar sounds like a violent act :-)


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